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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Send money to Philippines using Paypal

My friend from Philippines I taught her how to blog so she can earn money from blogging and finally she earned money on blogging and the advertisers paid her in Paypal but she couldn't get the money in Paypal because she don't have a credit card so I told her to transfer the money at my paypal account and the other day I tried to figured out on how to get the money so I can send it to her. I was gonna use western union but they are too high I want to send money there quick and easy and most of all cheaper and hubby told me to try xoom and so I did and guess what? I can send money from paypal using xoom Wow! they are so cheap too.

Well, my friend thank me for doing it for her. And guys, if you have money in Paypal and don't know how to send money to your loveones and friends in Philippines I want you to check out xoom.com Click here to send money to the Philippines with Xoom. ONLINE & CONVENIENT – LOW FEES – GUARANTEED.

1 comment:

Merydith said...

Hi Madel,

My sister and her boyfriend has started blogging lately too. They used to send the money to my account but now they have figured out how to open their own paypal account. She opened a debit card from sorry I can't remember the name of the bank now. It was verified and she has a paypal account now. It is also nice because I can transfer the money to her without her being deducted and to transfer it to her bank account only costs her P50.00 for the transfer below $7,000.00 but free if over that.It surely saves me a lot of money since I don't have to pay for the fee tapos every month pa ako nagpapadala ng pera sa aking kapatid sa college. I hope you well. I just thought of dropping by and saying hi.