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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Never leave your kids at home

Hubby is busy today because one of his co-worker is not working. I asked him why and he said it is because his co-worker's wife is in jail. She went to the store( I am not sure what day) and left her kids at their home (without parents). Their kids played the phone and dialed 911 police came and guess what? Police caught them that their mother is not at their house. So they put their mother in jail. And that was a bad news. Their is possible that they are going to take their kids away from them. Hope not!

Anyway, Parents should never leave their kids alone in the house no matter what.


Roms said...

Good it happened not in the Philippines. There could have been lots of parents in jail by now.

Tessa :) said...

OMG!hala gat kahadlok pud noh?! kaya un din ang disadvantage pag tinuruan mo anak mo how to contact emergency hotlines dito noh?!

Maus said...

Oh oh...sad stories but it could be happen.buti na lng wala sa pinas ng ganyan. or else daming nanay nasa jail hehe

Madel said...

oo nga buti wala sa pinas, dito lang yan sa Amerika