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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Had fun Lastnight!

Last night we went to Grace b-day party. She picked me up around 6:30 Pm I couldn't believe she really picked me up lol. I wasn't gonna go to her party because hubby doesn't want to go and also he had something to do at home so I am glad Grace picked me up because I had so much fun last night. They have this American Idol game. That is really fun game because you are going to sing like you are at the American Idol and the judge gonna tell about you if you sing really good or not.

Anyway, I am glad Gina and Nora came too. We had so much fun we do videoke too as usual. We came home around 1:00 Am wahahaha..(lakwatsira gyud)

Anyway, Today we didn't go to church because Joel had a headache. He feel so much better this evening. Saturday night photos. More photos at fwenster..

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