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Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend update

Saturday afternoon we went to Chita Baptist Church. It was a little bit far we drove like 2 hours just to go there. I thought Joey is doing good but he wasn't. He got a high fever when we were there. After church we hurried home, we stopped by to eat supper then went straight home. We arrived at our house at 11pm, kids and I slept on the car I am so glad we sleep so good the whole night. Then Sunday we went to Magnolia for church. Joey is still not feeling good. He have fever right now I guess he got it for the shots am not sure anyway, hope Jodel won't get it.

Last night I don't understand myself. Got lots of pain in my body and my leegs lol. Woke up this morning and I feel great so glad all the pain I had lastnight is gone. I was just too tired maybe..

Friday, August 28, 2009

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Wednesday night I felt like I didn't sleep the whole night lol. I kept on waking up in the middle of the night and I really felt like I didn't sleep at all. I thought I get tired the next day but I wasn't. Today I feel a little bit sleepy. I slept so good last night I need one more - good night sleep then I'll be active again. It is hard for me if I have lack of sleep because I couldn't do anything except of being lazy the whole day. SHALAN!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner with friends

Yeah last night we went to the restaurant closeby with friends Joy, Naneth, Lisa, Daisy, Fernando Jose, me, my hubby and kids. We had fun, the food was great! After we left at the restaurant Joy, Naneth and I decided to go to starbucks to get some smoothie. We stayed there for two hours relaxing while drinking our smoothie. It was fun!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Saturday we went to Houston Premium Outlet mall with friends. We went shopping at the mall. There were lots of sale and it was tax free. We bought different kinds of stuffs shoes, purse etc. My hubby and kids didn't go with me and it's nice to go shopping without kids. We might go back to the outlet mall because I love it there.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So brave!

We went to my son's doctor this afternoon and Joey had 4 vaccine shots, two shots on each leg. He is so brave, he didn't even cry. The nurse was so proud of him and I am so proud of him too. He need it before he goes to school and I am so glad I got his Immunization record now I can submit all of his school requirments. Anyway, The nurse gave him lollipop and a sticker after the shots. When we got home I was so hungry I am so glad hubby cooked beef fajitas and it was extremely good! So Yummy. Now my stomach is so full lol.

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I woke up so early this morning, cook hubby breakfast when hubby left I went back to sleep and right now I am still sleepy. I don't like it when I am so sleepy in the daytime because I couldn't do anything. Anyway, this afternoon we are going to my son's doctor he have an appointment. He need one more vaccine shot before he go to school. Well, this morning when my son woke up he have a little bit of cough and I hope it won't spread to all of us here. I don't want to get sick because I am pregnant. And I really don't like when my kids get sick, it is very hard. They won't eat anything so I hope Joey's cought will go away. He just started it today.

Monday, August 17, 2009


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

At the park

Yesterday morning my kids and I went to the park then after park we went to the School nearby. I want Joey to go to school this year and I hope he could go. They gave me a form to sign up and they have requirements including Immunization records for Joey. He need one more shot before he go to school so I made an appointment to his doctor for his one shot left on August 18. I am going to go back to the school on August 24 to submit all of the requirements.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's always good to be home

We had fun last night. We ate dinner at Pappadeux restaurant together with my family and Covington family. The food was great! It's really good to be with my friend Janice and her family. They are so nice people. Janice was my schoolmate when I was high school and I am really glad we got to see each other again. Anyway, after dinner we went back to the hotel and went swimming 'till 11pm. The kids had fun.

This morning we got up around 9am ate breakfast and got ready. We checked out at the hotel around 10Am and drove back home to Houston. Arrived here around 3pm and now, we're home sweet home. It is always so good to be home.

Friday, August 7, 2009

@ Courtyard Marriot Dallas

We're here in Marriot Hotel in Dallas at this moment. We've been here since wednesday night. Love the place, the hotel is pretty cool. I am glad we brought our laptop with us and I am glad we have Internet connection here. Went shopping lastnight bought us swimming suits co'z we forgot to pack them. The kids had fun swimming and they really had fun here.

Anyway, We are planning to go somewhere this afternoon with friends.

Monday, August 3, 2009


We are planning to go to Dallas on Wednesday afternoon. My husband already booked a hotel for us. We are going to stay at hotel for 3 nights. I am so glad we have a big luggage. I am going to pack tomorrow.

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Fabulous weekend

We went to Texas Hill Country Thursday and we had fun out there. We went to Guadalupe River the water was extremely cold. There were lots of people camping, boating, swimming and tubing. It was really peaceful out there. I really love it there. The weather was perfect! We stopped by at Stonehenge II and it was really cool. We really enjoyed the beauty of the mountains and the river. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express two nights. Then, Saturday we went to Natural Bridge Caverns – nearby San Antonio. The Cave was huge and it was amazing! Saturday afternoon we went home to Houston.

Sunday we went to Church. Mom and Dad kept the kids because Tyler and Beccy (my kids cousins) were there. So Jodel and Joey supposed to stay there till Tuesday.

Jodel was begging to go home so Mom dropped her off from our house this morning. Jodel is here with me right now but Joey still want to spend many days at his Lola’s house with Beccy and Tyler.

Jodel was taking a nap right now I don’t know if she is dreaming or not but she was talking while she was sleeping and crying saying that she wanted to go home and she wants Daddy lol. She was cute anyway, I told her that she’s home, hugged her and she stopped. So glad!

And oh I forgot, last night we went to Nanet’s house. We had fun there meet new friends. The food was extremely good. We ate pancit palabok, letchon kawali, Kare2x, adobong baboy, and other kinds of food I don’t know what it called but it was surely good.

Joel just called few minutes ago saying that we are going to Dallas Texas on Wednesday afternoon come back home on Saturday. I feel so bad because we are supposed to go boating on Saturday with my friends but now I guess we can’t go. Well, I hope my friends will understand me.

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