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Monday, December 28, 2009

I want a new camera

Christmas Day evening we went to my friends house. We had a Christmas party with some of our other friends. We really enjoy the party and of couse we enjoyed picture taking lol. I saw Jomarc's camera and I really love it. It was Samsung DualView TL220 12 Megapixel Digital Camera and I really like it because it's 12 mega pixel and it's a touchscreen. What I love the most is the result of the picture. It is so pretty, and it's not dark. I told my husband about it and I am hoping that he is going to buy me this camera. I really want to get it so bad. My old camera I gave it to my Mother-in-law. So I am hoping to get a new one for me.


Marz said...

Sounds cool and all but doesn't the touch screen eat up the battery? But it seems like a great gadget to cop. Happy Holidays, Ate Madel!

Madel said...

I don't think so, I don't know I have to ask my friend about it..