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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hard times......

Tuesday afternoon I was shocked when Joel's Dad told me that my husband was in the Emergency Room. Dad and I went to see him. He couldn't pee and his blood pressure was high. When I went to the room they were trying to put a small tube on his bottom and he was screaming out loud. I feel so bad for him I was there the whole time when they did it. Blood was coming out..They did it without anesthesia and I couldn't believe they did that. It was very painful oh gosh. That was the first time I saw my husband that was in extreme pain. The doctor was trying to drained the urine inside on his bladder but they couldn't do it. So, after an hour they put him in the operating room. They put him to sleep and they put a catheter on him..The doctor almost gave up because the urine won't come out and at the last minute it did. SO thankful. We went home Tuesday night with a catheter attached on him..He was having a hard time to walk until now and I don't know how long they'll take it out.

Anyway, he had a blood test yesterday morning I drove him again to the clinic closeby. Last night I was scared to death because his blood pressure went to 245 accodring to cvs pharmacy BP and it scared him, my Dad and me. We called the paramedic and I am so glad they came. They checked on Joel and everything was fine. The CVS BP was reading the blood pressure so high. When they checked his blood pressure it was just 192. So we felt better. (The BP he was using, his boss gave it to him). It's not working good. So Dad bought a new one at wallgreens.

Anyway, Right now, I am so tired and very sleepy, I didn't sleep so good last night trying to help him and watched him. Dad came over around 3 am in the morning to help us. I hope he will feel better soon though and I am ready for this to be over. This is very hard on him. It's uncomfortable...and it's very hard on me too.

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