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Friday, March 19, 2010

Wisdom tooth hurt

My wisdom tooth coming in but it's growing in the wrong direction. This is gonna be the last wisdom tooth that is trying to come in and it's giving me a problem. Yesterday I was worried because It was bleeding, it hurts and it's swelling. And I am so worried if it gets infected so I decided to call an oral surgeon and made an appointment this afternoon. I am glad that I was able to come in today and that was really what I wanted because I couldn't wait 'till Monday.

I went in around 12:45 in the afternon. They do the exam today and x-ray. And the doctor said that it's infected already. I am so glad we went today. He give me a prescription antibiotic and the other liquid medicine I forgot what it called so anyway, I am really glad we went today.

Next week I am going back and they are going to remove my 3 wisdom teeth. I am going to leave the other one because it's not causing me any problems. I paid them 168 dollar for the exam and x-ray. They are going to remove my teeth next week and the infected one is going to cost me 410 bucks to remove it and the other two is 310 dollar each. Plus the Anesthia I forgot how much it cose. They are going to put me to sleep when they do the surgery. So anyway, that's what we did today. I am not looking forward for the next appointment. LOL..

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