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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Holiday

Monday is holiday. We are not sure where we are going yet. I would love to go horseback riding or if not maybe we are going to Galveston Island. Well, anyway I am extremely sleep right now the time is now 11:30 in the night so I better get some sleep. Happy holiday to all of you! Happy weekend!

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Acne Treatment

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I actually had two blackheads on my chin and I really hate it. I squeezed it last week and now it's living black spots on my chin I should have left it alone huh?. Well, I know it will vanish later on after a week or so but right now I really hate it.

Electronic Cigarettes

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Watering the plants

We are here in my parents-in-law's house this afternoon. We are watering the plants and flowers. Mom and Dad went somewhere. They'll be back home on Sunday evening. It's hot and humid here and the plants need water. So, anyway, while we are here hubby is watching lost. The kids are having fun playing outside.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amish Fireplaces

Fireplace is cool. It relaxes you and it's romantic. What I love the most on winter is sitting in the front of fireplace with a glass of wine and listening to the soft music. That is extremely romantic. We just love to watch the hot flames of the fireplace flickering in the darkness hehe.

Anyway, I know winter is past and soon it will come back. And we can’t wait for winter again because summer is extremely hot and humid.

Well, Talking about fireplaces there are lots of Amish fireplaces online that are on sale. Get them while they are on clearance sale (it’s cheap). I don’t know if you guys used electric heater but we do sometimes. We have one on our master bedroom. We also have a real fireplace that we also use on winter it’s fun.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol

So happy he won in the American Idol show. We just done watching American Ido this evening and we really enjoyed watching the show. I really love Lee's voice and I am so glad he won. Congrats to Lee!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Daisy came over in our house yesterday. She gave me mango float dessert that she made. It was so good. I cook beef soup and bangus for lunch yesterday and she really love it. She is pregnant. Anyway, we went to pick Shely at her house then we went to willowbrook mall. We went shopping but didn't buy anything wahaha..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun Wednesday

I had so much fun Wednesday when I visited my friends. It was so nice to see them. They are so fun to be with. We had fun singing songs, played the guitars, taking picture lol etc. Anyway, when we got home I was extremely tired.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Samsung TVs

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

He lost weight

My husband lost lots of weight. Yeah and I like it. He is getting skinny lol. He is dieting. He don't drink soda, no junk foods. When we go out for dinner he don't order french fries. He eat lots of fruits, and vegetables. And in the evening he don't eat a lot. So, next time you see my husband you can really see the he lost weight. Well anyway, if you want quick weight loss diets? Check out quickweightloss.org There are some people use diet pills as a part of their diet.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday night out cancelled

My friends and I were planning to go out for dinner this evening. (just the mommy's) But we cancelled it because it rain so hard LOL. We were so excited but the weather didn't just cooperate with us so we cancelled it. So, next time I am planning to go out with friends I am going to check the weather lol. Well, I always check it before when winter was here and now that it's spring I didn't check it anymore. So anyway, right now I am enjoying the rain, the lightning and the thunder. Pretty scary outside! Rain so hard...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hand Dryers

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last week my kids went swimming outside and now they are all sick. I believed that they got it from swimming outside. They had fever, runny nose and cough. All of my three kids are sick. Well, today it looks like they are getting better. I hate it when they are sick because they don't eat at all. Anyway, I was busy taking care of them and having sick kids are very hard...(okay no more swimming kids) :P

Friday, May 7, 2010

Adult Acne treatment

I have seen lots of people that have acne and I feel so bad for them. Why do some people gets acne? Adult acne is caused from lots of things, including stress, hormones, birth control pills, or even bad cosmetics. For me, I believed that bad cosmetic is the number the one or if you don't clean your face you'll get acne for sure. Anyway, get some adult acne treatment @ adult-acne.com if you have adult acne.

Hmm.. :)

Hubby is off early today from work but he go to his Mom and Dad's house in Tomball. He have an important things to discuss to his Daddy. Well, it's almost 10 in the evening but he is not home yet. I am just worried about him driving in the night he is not well yet..

Photo Collage

I love doing photo collage pictures of me and my friends. They are so much fun to do. And they are so cool!!!!

Love taking pictures

That's our flower! And that's me I want to be a photographer hahaha! Yes I am serious.. I just love taking pictures that's all. SO fun!!!

At Nel's

Tuesday we went to Nel's house- she is one of my friend who lives near downtown. My other friends and I visited her. She cooked some delicious filipino foods that we missed so much. We had so much fun visiting her. My kids really had fun playing with my friends kids.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sunday my husband got home from the hospital. He is not yet better he went home because he got tired in the hospital lol..So, right now he is still got an IV. Well, I hope he will be better soon! I am so worried about him.