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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cute pillows

We went to the store the other day and saw this really cute outdoor pillows. It was color red and you know my favorite color is red so I love all red stuffs. So, anyway, I want to get the cute pillows out there if hubby will go back to that store. I also want get new chairs for out patio I just hate the chairs we have right now specially when it rains. The water won't drain so I want to get a new chairs that's for outside so I don't have to clean it every time. .

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friends visit

Yesterday, we had so much fun with friends. They visited me here in the house. We cooked lots of food and they also brought foods here in the house. I love it when my friends came over into our here we do lots of fun things. One of my friend brought a sumang bodbod that's one of the dessert in the Philippines I really love it. We cooked Filipino foods that we really missed so much. Anyway, on July 4th we are going to have party with friends again and I can't wait on that day gonna be fun again. They are planning to visit me again soon I don't know why but my friends just love me and I love them too they are so nice people and really enjoyed hanging out with them.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Algae control

Do you guys own a fish pond? If you do, then it's a good idea if you read this article about pond algae control. It is always good to know how to maintain pond if you own one. My mother told me that they made a fish pond and I don't really know how they do it but as what I know fish pond is a hard work. You need to clean your pond all the time because if you don't clean it? you are going to have algae problems.

Monday, June 21, 2010

We had fun

We had fun in San Antonio. We visited Mike and Mary Ann. My kids really had fun playing with their kids and their dog. I love their dog because it's big. WEll, Saturday we went to Riverwalk, Alamo and in the mall. WE had fun looking around. It was a little bit hot but it was okay. I met some Filipino people. They are from San Francisco California. They just went to San Antonio for vacation well, it is so nice that I have another friends lol.

Anyway, Sunday we ate breakfast at Mike and Mary then we went to the new house. Joel's brother made it they build houses, we took pictures of their cabinets and after that we went back here in Houston. It was a short trip but we had fun.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Video Cards

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Going to San Antonio

My husband is planning to go to San Antonio tomorrow. He asked me to go with him. Well, I don't really want Joel to go there alone so I think my kids and I are going. I really don't want Joel to drive far specially that he is not well yet. So, I guess we are going with him. He is going to give the cabinet drawings to his brother and do some pictures and etc. and since I am going I asked him if we could look around in San Antonio Downtown. I love that place it's really nice.

Anyway, I am looking forward for our trip tomorrow. This is gonna be Jolaine's first trip to San Antonio hehe!.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


My husband and my son is so allergy from dust and pollens that's why I always clean our house so they don't get sick. Anyway, if you suffer from allergy and asthma you need to get allergy relief from National Allergy. You need to clean your house often so you don't get sick and get air purifiers to help you breathe clean air.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walking for an hour

My kids and I went to the park this afternoon. The park was just behind at our house not so far away. We just walked to go there and it was really good. We have been walking outside everyday and that's one of my excercise here. It was so windy outside this afternoon and my kids and I really had fun.

Joel was working until now he is still drawing some cabinets. I don't know when his going be done but he just always so busy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Primetime Is All The Time With Our DVR

Thanks for this guest post Ryan Poston!

My wife and I work retail schedules, meaning we can't guarantee we'll be home during primetime TV hours. That's a bad thing, since we're both TV junkies who would die without our weekly fixes of NCIS, BURN NOTICE, THE BIG BANG THEORY, CRIMINAL MINDS, and AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. Thankfully, we have a direct tv dvr to ensure we don't miss these or any other "can't miss" shows.

With such hectic schedules, sometimes we'd rather be doing something else during primetime anyway. I love RULES OF ENGAGEMENT and really hate to miss an episode. But on the rare occasion the wife and I are both home on a Wednesday, it's nice to be able to go out to dinner or enjoy some intimate time together in the bedroom rather than sitting in front of the TV. As much as I enjoy the relationship antics of David Spade, Patrick Warburton, Megyn Price, and the gang, I prefer investing time in my own relationship with the love of my life whenever I get the chance.

Because we work so hard, sometimes we call it a night before later shows like SAVING GRACE or IN PLAIN SIGHT air. No problem with the trusty DVR, since we can catch these shows during breakfast the next day, or on that even rarer occasion when we have a whole day off together.

We've been told we need to watch less TV. Why? With the convenience of a DVR, we can catch all the shows we love and still have plenty of time for work, sleep, family, friends, and - most important of all - each other.

Dissapointed again

I guess this year is the very bad year for us because we have lots of problem that keep on coming. Really! And I guess this is just the trials in our life. I know that, and I know everything will be okay soon!

Hubby came home yesterday morning and he was very dissapointed again. I hope that the Lord will bless him I know he is really in a bad situation right now because of his health. I thought everything will be okay but It's not. He was better for only 1 day LOL..but it went back...Feel so bad for him.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Watch what you eat!

Everyone wants to lose weight. We want the best diets for quick weight loss. I read some very nice articles online this afternoon about losing weight. We lose weight if we always watch what we eat, we need to eat lots of fruits and veges, and do our daily exercise, like yoga, jogging, walking and etc. Some people take diet pills to help them lose weight also. So guys if you really want to lose weight? You need to watch what you eat, watch out for the french fries, sodas and all of the fatty foods out there that are so tempting.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

At the Surfsid beach

Memorial Day we went to Surside Beach.

According to wikipidia - Surfside Beach is a city in Brazoria County, Texas, United States that is situated on the Gulf of Mexico just west of Galveston Island. The population was 763 at the 2000 census.

Anyway, we had fun out there. The kids really had fun playing on the water. It was hot but it wasn't that bad because it was so windy at the ocean. My kids got Tan lol. I went swimming for the first time can believe that? LOL. We always go to Galveston but I don't really go swimming but this time I did enjoy the water. It was cool we really had fun. The beach is not as good as in Bohol but that was okay. I guess I am spoiled from our beach from where I grow up.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is too short

Yes life is really too short. And I don't know why lol..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Worried :(

I am so worried about my husband's health. He don't feel good today. He went to work this morning but he went back home early around 9. I was surprised when he got home he didn't even call me. As I looked into his eyes, I can really see that he is so worried, he is sad..I am too, but I believed that he will get better soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

After the surgery

Yesterday, after the surgery the Doctor talk to me and told about the surgery that it went good. He cut the prostate and removed scar tissue from the urethra to remove blockage. We will know the result this morning so anyway, after the surgery my husband had been nauseated and vomiting. I don't know why he may allergic to the pain medication. He was so hungry because he didn't eat. When he tries to eat he will just throw up. Later in the evening he tried to eat Jell-o and it helped a little. I went home yesterday afternoon around 4pm. Mom got my two kids they spent the night at their house and today they are going to San Antonio to visit their cousins.

Well, anyway, last night my baby and I went back to the hospital because Joel wanted to see the baby. He was happy to see JOlaine. Spent there for an hour and went back home.

Jolaine and I are going back to the hospital this morning.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


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I am here at the hospital at this moment waiting for my husband. He is in the operating room. I was so sleep a while ago waiting and thank goodness for the coffee It gives my energy back. And I am so glad I brought my laptop with me. I am going to finish my work done while I am here waiting for him. Joel might stay here tonight and tomorrow. Mom is watching the kids right now and hope she can handle my 3 kids hehe..

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