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Thursday, June 3, 2010

After the surgery

Yesterday, after the surgery the Doctor talk to me and told about the surgery that it went good. He cut the prostate and removed scar tissue from the urethra to remove blockage. We will know the result this morning so anyway, after the surgery my husband had been nauseated and vomiting. I don't know why he may allergic to the pain medication. He was so hungry because he didn't eat. When he tries to eat he will just throw up. Later in the evening he tried to eat Jell-o and it helped a little. I went home yesterday afternoon around 4pm. Mom got my two kids they spent the night at their house and today they are going to San Antonio to visit their cousins.

Well, anyway, last night my baby and I went back to the hospital because Joel wanted to see the baby. He was happy to see JOlaine. Spent there for an hour and went back home.

Jolaine and I are going back to the hospital this morning.

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