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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good to have health insurance

My husband got home tired today. He is not feeling so good again and I feel so bad for him. I hope that he will feel better soon. We have lots of bills but still happy we don't have to pay all the hospital bills thanks to our health insurance. It's really good to have health insurance if you don't have one yet you need to apply at NC health insurance. Health insurance can help you pay your bills in times that you are sick.

Anyway, my husband is going back to his doctor sometimes next week for a check up. He just had a urethra surgery last week. I can't really imagine our life without insurance. So hard without it!

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... said...

i hope your husband does well. i chose generationamerica.org for my health insurance, great policies at good prices. i'll have to check out nc as well in the future though.