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Monday, August 16, 2010


Saturday my girls and I went to Automomotive and had oil changed to our car. We were sitting at the waiting area and a minute later one guy came in and sat there with us. He asked me if I am a Filipina and told him that "I am a Filipina" then he told me that his wife is a Filipina too. So, We talked about in the Philippines how he love it there and he want to retire in the Philippines someday. They are planning to go visit in the Philippines this year. Anyway, I am hoping that we could get together again- they just live so close to us. It's nice to have a new friend - I love friends that are real, honest. I hate friends that are bombastic and arrogant.

Anyway, when we were done in the shop we went to groceries and came home, ate lunch and then we went shopping lol..

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