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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cleaning flower beds

I was busy this afternoon cutting the branches of the roses at the front yard. I love roses but I hate the thorns it hurts my hands. I trim it all and it's now looking good at the front lol. So, I can't wait for the roses to grow back. They make flowers even in winter time. I also clean at patio. I want to continue to clean tomorrow morning.

Anyway, This afternoon when I was cleaning I saw a baby lizard and I catch it and put in a small container when Joey got home I showed it to him and then I let them watch the baby lizard then after couple of minutes Jodel was crying because Joey killed the baby lizard. I feel bad when I know that. I don't know why Joey killed it. I told him to not to kill it but he did :(

I am so tired this evening...

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