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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soccer socks!

Do you guys play soccer? If you are, I am sure you need soccer socks, apparel, and accesories. If you guys need shopping before the game? why don't you shop online. You can always shop at teamwarehouse.net they have everything you need for soccer, volleyball, baseball,and basketball.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At surfside beach

Saturday we went to Surfside beach. We really had fun out there especially my kids. We are planning to go back soon. I always love going at the ocean it's just so peaceful and relaxing.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sales Job

It is so hard if you don't have a job. Everything are so expensive right now, like the gasoline and other kinds of things. It's really hard it you don't have a job specially if you live here in US. I feel sorry for my husband's co-worker they get rid of them two weeks ago.

Anyway, If you just lost your job well don't worry, there are lots of sales jobs available at job.com.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too long....

My husband and I had an argument this morning because he wanted to go to work but he couldn't see well and he wants to drive but I can't let him drive so I asked him if I could drive for him and he said yeah if you get ready fast lol. So okay, I wake up my kids and dressed them and packed the baby bag. Once I got done with that he said oh I am not going to work now I have to go to the eye specialist LOL if I've known that I shouldn't wake my kids up...

He made an appointment while I was busy upstairs trying to get ready lol. Okay, we went to the eye specialist near in the willowbrook hospital. We waited and waited, my baby was so noisy out there. This is the time that she gets so noisy and don't care about anybody lol.. I hate waiting at the doctor's office specially if you have kids with you. Kids get bored out there but I was glad they have other waiting area near in the elevator with no people. We got home I was so tired we took a nap and woke up around 5 in the afternoon. I made pancit because Jodel wanted to eat pancit so after dinner they play outside for a little while and watch movies. The kids are already in bed an hour ago and here I am blogging and facebooking. Going to bed soon!!!!

Hubby is still not doing good we have to go back tomorrow..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter gift basket

Easter holiday is coming up. Shop for easter gifts online at ProFlowers Easter gift page. They have all kinds of easter gift baskets for kids filled with candies, cookies and chocolates, they also have gifts for Mom and Dad, for your friends and family.

Some of their baskets comes with FREE Personalization! So stop by at ProFlowers and don't forget to get fresh flowers to put on your table on Easter Sunday!

Hard headed...lol..

Hubby woke me up around 6 this morning, asking me to put medicine on his eyes. He got dressed and he is planning on going to work. I was trying to stop him but he won't listen, he called one of his friend from Woodlands and asked him to pick him up. So I am glad he did that instead. I can't let him drive so now I have to pick him up this afternoon. Thank you Dear!!!! He is not supposed to go to work this morning but he said he have to go oh well, fine....

Anyway, I am so sleepy this morning it's now 7 Am I was gonna go back to sleep but my alarm will ring @ 7:15 so I decided to just play on the computer to wake me up..Joey's buss will pick him up at 7:35 so here I am blogging going to play at facebook later..

Have a nice day to all!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dust in the wind...

April 1, first of day of the month has been so bad for us. Friday evening my kids were playing outside with Joel. I was upstairs at that time when I heard Jodel crying. I went downstairs and I saw her mouth bleeding and I asked her what happened and she said, she was riding on her bycycle and bumped her mouth at the pole. I feel so bad for her I thought she lost her front teeth and thank God her teeth are okay.

Saturday, We got up around 8 in the morning. We ate breakfast, and then we decided to go to Magnolia, Joel was planning to build something so I dropped them off to Mom and Dad’s house except Jolaine. They have a swing and a big yard so the kids really love staying at their grand parents house. . So anyway, on the way to Cypress my baby was throwing up at the car and I have no idea why she threw up. I have extra clothes but it was dirty. (Next time I need to bring maybe 3 extra clothes) Bad ME So anyway, I was already close to Louetta Automotive Shop to have oil change for the car so I didn’t go home. The other clothes that was dirty wasn’t that dirty compare to the one she was wearing lol..When I put it on her it was okay it doesn’t look bad so we waited for an hour at the Shop. KAKALOKA! After that Jolaine and I went to HEB for groceries. I like it when I go groceries because they always helped me put groceries and stuffs in my car. We got home around 1:30 and I was hungry, Jolaine was sleeping in the car so I texted Joel, I let him know that we were home safe. I took Jolaine inside and put her on the bed. I unloaded the groceries. I bought lots of stuffs and the last thing I carried was the two gallons of milk, when I carried the bag it broke the handle and I dropped the milk and yup, milk are everywhere on the ground..Kakaloka na naman!

When I was done putting all the groceries I decided to take a nap because I was so tired. Got up around 4 and I decided to go to Wal-Mart. I bought few things at Wal-Mart for kids, I bought Tangled DVD for Jodel because she have been wanting one and other kinds of things like leapster and etc. So when I got done at Wal-Mart I decided to go Magnolia because I remembered that Mom asked me something about the pictures. She wanted me to help her order prints so I went straight to Magnolia.

I got out the car and saw my kids having fun outside with their Lolo. I saw Joel, he don’t look so good he had his one eye closed and couldn’t even see me. I asked him what happened and told me that he had dust on his eyes. The dust in the wind blew on Joel’s body and hurt his right eye. I tried to call the United Healthcare insurance but nobody answered us. I was going to ask them about the location of the urgent care but no one answered the phone and I tried to check on their website but unluckily, their website is temporally unavailable. All of us got frustrated :X

So on the way home we stopped by at First Choice Emergency Room, the front desk lady was so nice to us. I asked her if they accept United Health care insurance and sure they do and I am glad, so they took care of Joel’s eyes. We paid 200 bucks for the ER as always..

On the way home we stopped by at wallgreens and dropped the prescriptions. The medicine were ready after 2 hours so anyway, I feel so bad for Joel. He was hurting so bad. He took vicodine and made his stomach upset. I have been putting medicine on him called Azasite that was 60 bucks for a small bottle (copay) and the other medicine was 10 bucks I forgot what it called but it's for painkiller.

Today, Sunday we are home we didn’t go to Church because of his eyes. It bothers him and he can’t even open his eyes right now. So, I hope he feels better soon. He'll be staying home tomorrow. I have been so busy here taking care of my family. They need me so much! I have a get together with my friends on Wednesday at my house but I am going to cancel it. Lisa and I are planning to visit Tessa in Pearland and I guess I am still going to that event if everything is getting better here I hope.. So, Nyt All! I am just so tired and sorry friends for that not answering phone calls and text because I am just so tired and feel like I don't want to talk to anybody right now. It is just so stressful weekend on me!!!! Take care guys!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Steel Against Feathers

Cleveland, Ohio is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Baltimore Ravens used to be the Cleveland Browns before the franchise was sold and moved to Maryland. The rivalry between the Steelers and the Browns apparently went with the sale of the team. We still have a rivalry with the new Browns expansion team, but the original Browns are a different story.

Those Raven feathers are still brown in my book. In fact, when we still had Joey Porter on our team we wondered where Ray Lewis of the Ravens was at when Porter was shot. A vendor was selling shirts outside of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with, “Where was Ray Lewis when Joey Porter got shot?” printed on them. Sort of a play on “Who shot JR?” of the Dallas TV era.

Football and rivalry go hand in hand. It is the modern gladiator sport. Pittsburgh is set apart from every other NFL franchise in that the connection the locals have with their team runs very, very deep indeed. Pittsburgh was built on a strong work ethic, and we expect that ethic to be carried on in our sports teams. We have a heritage to defend, and football brings out the pride of Pittsburghers.

During the playoff game between the Steelers and the Ravens, my friends and family will be gathered together watching the game in HD (high definition) on our satellite TV that I got after coming across this Direct TV DVR Offers Comparison. The black and gold apparel and trinkets will be out in full regalia. The hot sausage sandwiches will be on the table, and coach Tomlin will be leading our boys in a game against our rivals.