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Friday, April 1, 2011

Steel Against Feathers

Cleveland, Ohio is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Baltimore Ravens used to be the Cleveland Browns before the franchise was sold and moved to Maryland. The rivalry between the Steelers and the Browns apparently went with the sale of the team. We still have a rivalry with the new Browns expansion team, but the original Browns are a different story.

Those Raven feathers are still brown in my book. In fact, when we still had Joey Porter on our team we wondered where Ray Lewis of the Ravens was at when Porter was shot. A vendor was selling shirts outside of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with, “Where was Ray Lewis when Joey Porter got shot?” printed on them. Sort of a play on “Who shot JR?” of the Dallas TV era.

Football and rivalry go hand in hand. It is the modern gladiator sport. Pittsburgh is set apart from every other NFL franchise in that the connection the locals have with their team runs very, very deep indeed. Pittsburgh was built on a strong work ethic, and we expect that ethic to be carried on in our sports teams. We have a heritage to defend, and football brings out the pride of Pittsburghers.

During the playoff game between the Steelers and the Ravens, my friends and family will be gathered together watching the game in HD (high definition) on our satellite TV that I got after coming across this Direct TV DVR Offers Comparison. The black and gold apparel and trinkets will be out in full regalia. The hot sausage sandwiches will be on the table, and coach Tomlin will be leading our boys in a game against our rivals.

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