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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too long....

My husband and I had an argument this morning because he wanted to go to work but he couldn't see well and he wants to drive but I can't let him drive so I asked him if I could drive for him and he said yeah if you get ready fast lol. So okay, I wake up my kids and dressed them and packed the baby bag. Once I got done with that he said oh I am not going to work now I have to go to the eye specialist LOL if I've known that I shouldn't wake my kids up...

He made an appointment while I was busy upstairs trying to get ready lol. Okay, we went to the eye specialist near in the willowbrook hospital. We waited and waited, my baby was so noisy out there. This is the time that she gets so noisy and don't care about anybody lol.. I hate waiting at the doctor's office specially if you have kids with you. Kids get bored out there but I was glad they have other waiting area near in the elevator with no people. We got home I was so tired we took a nap and woke up around 5 in the afternoon. I made pancit because Jodel wanted to eat pancit so after dinner they play outside for a little while and watch movies. The kids are already in bed an hour ago and here I am blogging and facebooking. Going to bed soon!!!!

Hubby is still not doing good we have to go back tomorrow..

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