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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Asus Tablet

My 6 year old son loves to play with my ipod touch 4th gen. He plays different kinds of games on it. I dropped it one time and it broke the screen and I am so glad I got a replacement for it.  After a month, it got wet it didn't work for 3days and I am so glad it worked again after 3days but the camera didn't work anymore so I went to the Apple store and I am so glad they replaced me a new one again for free. Now, I am scared if there's something would happen to it and I have to pay for the repair. So, I am not gonna let my kids play with it anymore.

I have been thinking about getting a tablet like Asus Tablet PC or maybe an ipad. I really want to get a tablet for my son and and ipad for me this Christmas.

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