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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eyelash enhancer

All of us wants to have a beautiful eyes. We spend lots of money to buy make-up especially on our eyes. I sometimes wear false lashes when I go on a special occasions or if we do a pictorial.  It will just makes me look prettier. How I wish I have a long and thick eyelashes but I don't. I sometimes get jealous of my sisters because of their lashes, they are so pretty. They have long-curved lashes and it's naturally beautiful!

Anyway,  I know that there are lots of companies out there that are selling the best eyelash growth product so you will have a longer, thicker and darker lashes but my question is? is it really gonna work or not?

I know how hard it is to put a false eyelashes on your eyes, if you are tired of it?  then I guess eyelashes enhancer is the best way to try!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Welding cables

Are you guys a welder and looking for welding cable and accesorries? Well,  if you are then stop by at bakersgas.com You can also shop welding apparrel, welding helmets, and many more. If you know someone who is a welder then they would really love it if you are going to give them a gift from bakersgas.com Happy Holiday!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

@ New Orleans

My husband is not here with us he went today in New Orleans, Louissiana. He will be back home probably on Monday night. I just talked to him on the phone awhile ago and he is doing good. He misses us we missed him too.. Anyway, I hope he will be back home safe and pls. Lord watch over my husband and my kids..

Yesterday, three of my friends visited me in the house. One of them is from Germany it was so nice seeing them..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Health technologist jobs

Looking for health technologist jobs online? If you do, check out this link at healthcarejobsite.com you can find lots of jobs that are available to you. Search jobs near you at their website and submit your resume. It's so easy to apply for a job online. So, stop by at health care job site today and I am pretty sure you can get one.  Lots of jobs waiting for you out there.

So cold brrr..

It's freaking cold today wow! We went to Texas Medical Center and oh man it was cold. We went there for an important matter. My neighbor Marcie watched the kids she is so nice neighbor. My kids really love her so much.. Anyway, I was shivering when I was outside today and I hate cold brrr..

Cover pool

It is so nice to have a swimming pool of our own but if you have kids you have to be very careful because they could drown in your pool and die if they sneak out from you. You guys can get a cover pool to be safe. It is better to be safe than sorry so guys shop for cover pools today at poolsafetyfences.com

Monday, December 5, 2011

Beautiful Sunglasses

We all love to wear sunglasses especially when it's sunny. There are lots of really nice sunglasses that I found online today at nineapair.com all of their sunglasses is only 9bucks per pair and they look really nice for the price. You can get prada, coach, vuitton, DKNY, ed hardy glasses and many more for just 9 bucks a pair. So cheap isn't? Anyway, check out their website and shop for sunglasses today!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Night out

Girls night out later this evening.. I can't wait and I am excited. My friends and I will get together again. Hmmm this is gonna be fun! We are going to eat dinner at hard rock cafe. I love it there anyway, I hope we are going to have a fantastic night tonight..

Fear Factor

Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

Did you know that Fear Factor is coming back on? Yes. It’s true. I cannot wait. I absolutely love that show. I am a complete and total “scaredy cat”; I freeze in abject terror when I see a spider. I can’t eat anything with a weird texture. I would probably actually pass out if you put one snake in front of me, much less stuck me in a coffin full of them. This is why I love watching it so much. I can live vicariously through all of these people conquering their fears. I mean, they do of course have the additional motivation of lots and lots of money they could potentially win, but it almost makes me feel like if they can do it, I can do it. This is completely unrealistic. There is no way I will ever be able to overcome any of the aforementioned fears. Although, if there was a million dollars at stake, I might be able to at least be in the same room with a snake…for a minute. Be sure to check out Fear Factor the next time you see it on direct tv concord.