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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making pandesal

I am waiting for the pandesal to rise and then I will bake it. Can't wait to eat pandesal. Also I made pizza dough and let it rise and my kids will soon put toppings on the pizza. They are a big helper to me. We got left overs grilled chicken, kobobs and sausages but I don't feel like eating it tonight so I made pizza for dinner and pandesal for breakfast tomorrow..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Love this Flower hubby gave me on Valentines day. He gave me this flower, cards and chocolates. I love it and he really surprised me. He is sometimes romantic LOL.. Thanks Darling.. I love you always..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pure shea butter

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Happy Valentines Day

My husband surprised me with an orchid plant, boxes of chocolates and Valentines Card for Valentines day. He is so sweet! I didn't really give him anything except for a simple card that I made. And I made dinner for us so we don't have to go out to eat. Joey surprised me too.. he got lots of candies from school and surprised me with an Award Certificate for him at school. He is an honor student. So proud of him! Good job my son!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Breakfast anyone?

I cooked eggs, biscuit, and sausage for breakfast. It was delicious! Pics below... Anyway, today is Sunday and we are staying home. We are not going to church today plus it's chilly outside. Hubby is not feeling good yet. I am gonna clean today if I feel like it I don't know I might get lazy because it's cold . I don't like doing anything when it's cold lol. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boring Saturday!

What an ugly weather today! Jodel and I went to Loeutta Automotive this morning for an oil change on our car. Joel couldn't do it so I had to go. When we arrived, there were 3people sitting at the waiting area already at 10 am. So, we wait there for an hour or so 'till it got done. We got bored a little bit, I didn't bring my iPod with me because it was lowbat.

When we got done there we stoped  by at Mc Donalds 'cause Jodel got hungry. Then when we got home my husband asked me to get foods from Whataburger lol I didn't know that they didn't eat lunch yet so I should have called them when I was at Mc Donalds if they want something or not but I didn't. They played video games the whole time we were out LOL.. They are so addict! Darling, pls. stop playing video games that is just for little kids lol..

Anyway, this afternoon I didn't do anything. It was wet and nasty outside! So we stayed home the rest of the day.  I tried to take a nap this afternoon but couldn't sleep, my kids were so noisy ;( Right now, I am so sleepy but I don't think I can sleep early because Jolaine took a nap this afternoon haist. She is playing my iPod right now while I am here in the computer. She took a nap this afternoon and it's unfair!

It's gonna be cold tonight and I am sure it's gonna be cold tomorrow morning. I hate going out in the cold!

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Wide awake!

Lastnight I went to bed at 8pm it was so early 'cause I was so tired and my baby didn't take a nap so she went to bed early. And now I woke up around 2am and can't go back to sleep so here I am playing on my iPod. I hope I can go back to sleep soon so I don't get tired later this morning. Hubby is not feeling good so I guess we are not going anywhere.

Anyway, lastnight I bake chicken wings for supper. It was delicious and spicy we ate it with rice, green peas and green beans hahaaa..(daog) we were supposed to eat dinner at moms house but we didn't go cause of hubby. My kids missed their cousins but oh we'll there's still plenty of time...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hubby is sick!

My husband didn't feel so good since Wednesday he was at home whole day. Yesterday he went to work but he went home so early as early as 11am. I gave him tylenol but still he is not feeling good. This morning he didn't go to work again. I told him to go to his doctor and he made an appointment this morning and I took him to St. Lukes hospital cause he couldn't drive so anyway this afternoon after we got home from his Doctor we ate lunch then I went groceries with Jodel then I picked  up his medicine at Walgreens. I paid $119 dollar copay for his medicine wow! It was very expensive. I hope that he feels better soon! I need to discuss with my husband about joining the prescription savings club at walgreens later this evening..

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Save money on prescription medicine at Walgreens!

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My kids was sick last week so we took them to their doctor. They have been sick a lot this winter I think because of the cold weather. I am so glad we took them because it made me feel better knowing what's going on with my kids. So, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic and cough medicines for them. We paid $85 copay at Walgreens for antibiotic medicine and the cough medicine was $11 each. I can't believe that the copay for antibiotic was high but that's okay as long as my kids feels better. They are feeling much better today actually. I am just wishing that we can get discounts on medicines.

Same as my prescription medicine I paid $85 copay for just one month. Wow! I can't afford that and not just me but also my husband. He is maintaining medicine as well. I don't know if we can afford getting prescription medicines for so long I am just hoping that we can get discounts. It would be nice to receive discounts on everything especially medicines. The copay is just too high. I have been searching for discounts and coupons online and found some coupons on foods, apparels etc and what I am looking now is to receive discounts on prescription medicine and today I found out that we can really receive discounts by  joining Walgreens Prescription Savings Club.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's feb!

Wow, February is here already and I can't believe winter is almost over. Anyway, Valentines is coming and I would like to watch this movie called "The Vow" with my husband of course LOL.. Hope we can have a day off/night together so we can watch a movie together.. I love to watch this with my sweetheart!

What do you get your Dad?

I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

What do you get your dad who has ‘everything?’ I firmly believe that older people with money are the absolute worst to shop for because they go out and buy for themselves anything they want! I literally went through a list of twenty things that I thought my dad might want. Each one was met with either: “I already have that,” or “I don’t need one of those because I have…” After mulling over this in frustration, I decided to get my dad a subscription to all of his favorite movie channels. I went online and researched a ton of different options, and came up with a great one through clear internet bundle. It was the first time that my dad actually liked his gift! He said that he would have never though of it, and was excited to try it out. One birthday down, who knows how many more times I’ll have to go through this? I guess I have to be grateful for the ‘win’ I got with this gift and not think about the next one!