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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boring Saturday!

What an ugly weather today! Jodel and I went to Loeutta Automotive this morning for an oil change on our car. Joel couldn't do it so I had to go. When we arrived, there were 3people sitting at the waiting area already at 10 am. So, we wait there for an hour or so 'till it got done. We got bored a little bit, I didn't bring my iPod with me because it was lowbat.

When we got done there we stoped  by at Mc Donalds 'cause Jodel got hungry. Then when we got home my husband asked me to get foods from Whataburger lol I didn't know that they didn't eat lunch yet so I should have called them when I was at Mc Donalds if they want something or not but I didn't. They played video games the whole time we were out LOL.. They are so addict! Darling, pls. stop playing video games that is just for little kids lol..

Anyway, this afternoon I didn't do anything. It was wet and nasty outside! So we stayed home the rest of the day.  I tried to take a nap this afternoon but couldn't sleep, my kids were so noisy ;( Right now, I am so sleepy but I don't think I can sleep early because Jolaine took a nap this afternoon haist. She is playing my iPod right now while I am here in the computer. She took a nap this afternoon and it's unfair!

It's gonna be cold tonight and I am sure it's gonna be cold tomorrow morning. I hate going out in the cold!

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