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Monday, March 26, 2012


I forgot to post about my bday here in my blog. I turned 29 March 11 I can't believe that I am now 29 years old lol.. I didn't do a bday party because I just don't feel like cooking and making myself busy lol. I am pregnant and I don't want to get tired. You know having a party makes you busy cooking, decorating and doing all of those stuffs. So, anyway, my friend Lisa treat me for dinner and she invited some of our friends. We ate at stir crazy it was good. Thank you lisa for doing that you are so sweet friend of mine. Anyway, Our kids spent couple of days at my in-laws house cause it was spring break. Joel didn't go with me to the dinner because he wasn't hungry. Mom cooked lunch on my bday and made a cake. It was so sweet of her doing that then they were singing bday song at church. It was sweet of them. I can tell that they love me hehe.

Well, I hope that God will bless me this year. I wish for happines, good health and wealth and I hope that God will give me a longer life so I can spend a long time with my children, my husband and family.

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