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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Winter is coming and I need to shop for a new longsleeve shirts for my husband online. Joel is always busy so I am going to do the shopping for him. He really need a new longsleeve shirts this winter. Anyway Check out Carhartt plaid shirts here if you guys looking for shirts for men. If your husband is always busy? Then shop something for him like a new shirts or something that he likes.. I am sure that he is going to appreciate it.

Friday, September 21, 2012


JOanne's bedtime is around 11 lol yeah it's too late isn't? I would rather put her on bed late rather than early 'cause If I put her too early then I will be awake around 3 in the morning.. If I put here late at night then she'll wake up late as well like 11 in the morning..

Anyway, I need to go to bed soon.. I just need to finish my task here I have one more left to do..

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roland 120 piano

That is roland 120 piano and it's really beautiful white piano isn't? I am trying to learn on how to play piano but I am not so good yet haha. Hope one day I can be able to play piano at church.

We have a piano here and a keyboard and I am still learning and practicing. I really want my kids to learn on how to play piano and I hope they will. My Mother-in-law used to teach me how to play but I actually quit. SO, I hope she can teach me again because I really want to know how to play piano and I want my kids to learn too.


Tuesday, 9/11 Lisa and I went to pinoy resto to eat lunch. If I crave for filipino foods then all I need to do is go there. It's so close to our place and it's cheap. Anyway, it was soo nice to see her again. Lisa is one of my closest friend here and she is really a nice woman haha.. pic of us below.. me on the right.. wafa noh? jeje

Anyway, what can I do today??? hmmm I am tired of my same o'2x daily routine.. So boring.. I want to escape!!! jokejokeee..

Appliance replacement parts

If you guys have an appliances that are broken then don't worry. You can fix it and get an appliance replacement parts at topapplianceparts.com They have parts for dishwashers, fridge, microwaves, dryers, ovens and many more. All you need to do is find a part number or a model number from your appliances and search parts at their website.

Weird Dream

I went to bed around 1 am this morning and woke up at almost 8, I was dreaming dinasaurs LOL, crazy isn't? I was so scared in my dream 'cause of the dinasaurs are everywhere. I was hiding somewhere and scared 'cause the dinasaurs was about to eat me heheheeee.. glad I woke up.. "crazy dream"...

Anyway, here I am blogging.. my kids are still in bed..

Teen camps

My kids went camping with their cousins couple of months ago and they really had fun. My husband kept on asking me to go camping but I am not really crazy about going lol. Maybe this winter we could go camping somewhere in San Antonio or in Lovelady.

Anyway, if you or your friends are planning to go on camping or if you are planning to do something fun? then check out teen camps at teensummercamps.com That is a directory of summer camps and summer programs for teens. I am planning for my son to join the boy scout camps.


We are sick! Runny nose I hate you lol.. I am not sure where I got the flu but I was the one who started it and spread it to the rest of the family. Hubby was home Monday and Tuesday and I feel bad about it cause he got sick too. I don't like it when hubby get sick.. Anyway today he went to work and get home straight in bed poor hubby hope he feels better soon.. the baby got runny nose too and can't breath much.. I hate being sick!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shaft coupling

Looking for shaft coupling online? if you do then check out Reid Supply Company @ reidsupply.com They have lots of shaft coupling selections for you to choose. You can choose from aluminum, steel or stainless steel and either bored or no bore varieties across the full selection of standard sizes and you will find the exact shaft couplings you require for your machinery.

So anyway, check out Reid Supply today and shop they have all kinds of other stuffs as well like hand tools and etc.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

at the beach

We went to Surfide beach Labor Day. We really had fun out there. We got up early and we were on the road around 6:30 so early huh. I like to travel on the road early so we don't get stuck on the traffic. Anyway, it was great no traffic at all.. The beach was pretty clean and it was a beautiful day. I love going to the beach.. and we really had fun! Baby was doing fine she didn't cry at all!