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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Passport renewal experienced..

Friday, I went to the Philippine Consulate in West Oaks Plaza drive. My driving was smooth! I drove an hour from our house to there my appointment schedule was around 11-12 in the morning and so I left the house around 9:30 the baby cried when I left and it melts my heart when she do that anyway I was there early.

 It didn't took me long to process it after 30minutes I was done so I was thinking if I am going to lunch or not and then I looked at their food they were still serving breakfast so I decided not to eat lunch yet and got out there and drove home but unfortunately I was driving in the Sam Houston Tollway again and was a bit traffic so I was kinda confused where to  go and gues what I hit someone's car at first I thought it was just a mirror that I bump nothing seriuos but when I got to the tool booth the lady asked me did you hit someone's car? and I said yeah oh! really I thought it was nothing but unfortunately she told the lady about it and now it gives me headaches. I can't really tell if she slow down when it happens or what I can't remember.

 I didn't try to stop because I thought it was nothing. I told my husband about it and got mad at me for not stopping and for not calling the police well I think I made a mistake. I hope the lady will not file a report because I am so freacking worried about it now.

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